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Line item labor and materials budget gives homeowners flexibility to complete some work themselves...

Traditional home builders offer a reasonable level of customization options. Custom home builders offer even more choices—if the price is right. But one option traditional and/or custom home builders rarely offer is the ability to save real money while constructing a quality-built, totally custom home.

Enter UBuildIt custom home builders. UBuildIt allows you to build a high-quality home while saving thousands, without ever picking up a hammer. Today’s home buyers demand quality craftsmanship in the construction of their home. With UBuildIt, homeowners get more for their money while having more control over design and the selection of building materials.

UBuildIt works with each client from the very beginning —from land acquisition and financing your project, to home design, materials choice and job costing—right through the construction phase with step-by-step guidance at every turn.
UBuildIt spends more time planning your custom home than many traditional builders. They’re dedicated to educating their clients on the various methods and materials used to build homes. UBuildIt wants their clients to know how important it is to choose the building materials they want based on function and quality, not just the lowest price.

Because every homeowner has different needs and desires, UBuildIt offers varying levels of service. Their construction experts will consult on how to build your own home or they will manage the entire project. In most cases their clients retain a high level of control over the design and materials that go into the construction of their new home. UBuildIt does not mark-up materials or labor which creates a tremendous savings for those wanting to build their own home.

“Our clients want a quality-built custom home. They know what they like and don’t like about homes they have owned through the years.” says Jim Costain, Owner of UBuildIt. “Most of our clients choose to upgrade ‘behind the wall’ items like insulation, floor systems, exterior walls and higher efficiency furnaces. We help our clients design the floorplan they want and every home is built one-time to their specification”.

When you work with UBuildIt you are basically building your house twice, once on paper and then the actual construction. Jim says they’ll sit down with you to determine your financing options and define your budget. Then they will help you select the right property for your project. Once the property is selected, either in an existing community or on a client’s land, they work with you to plan the home. The UBuildIt team provides the input necessary on the design by looking at the plans with a “builder’s eye” to advise on the design’s impact on the value of your home and impact on your budget. They will work with you to prepare detailed specifications of material choices and establish realistic project costs.

“From the time construction begins, we help each home owner through all the details—from permitting, to scheduling, to ordering materials, to subcontractor selection, to managing the client’s budget,” Costain said. “We conduct regular site visits to review the work being done and make sure everything is ready for the next step.”

UBuildIt builds throughout the Kansas City Metro area on both sides of the state line. They charge a flat fee for their services and customers get materials and labor at cost. With UBuildIt, more of your money goes to your building project. Most clients can save 10-20% over using a quality, traditional general contractor. You have the flexibility of buying materials where you want and can use sub-contractors that you (or they) know. You can do work on your own project if you choose—as much or as little as you want.

UBuildIt handles projects from $200,000 to 3.5M+. If you can dream it, you can design it and they can build it! They provide the system, tools, and oversight to make sure your home gets built right.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact UBuildIt at 913-839-9125 or visit www.UBuildIt.com/kansascity. You can also stop by their office at 16081 S. Bradley Dr., conveniently located in the Arbor Creek shops at the corner of 159th & Mur-Len in Olathe.

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