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For a real estate company the name, Welcome Home is the perfect fit.  But the Welcome Home Real Estate Company’s mantra extends far beyond selling real estate.

A full service real estate firm, Welcome Home Real Estate offers Kansas City home buyers a wide variety of choices. The Welcome Home Real Estate team, whose slogan is "expect more", is composed of some of the highest caliber individuals in the business. They have the right working knowledge, experience, and common desire to go further and to give more.

Jimmy Jack Clayton, the Sales Development Manager of Welcome Home, has built a reputation and established a track record that clearly shows him to be a skillful and highly qualified competitor in any arena. Together with the company’s highly respected team members, Clayton has filtered through a variety of marketing philosophies and practices and have refined only the best and most successful strategies to formulate Welcome Home Real Estate.

Serving the needs of families searching for their new home is indeed a rewarding endeavor. But occasionally, opportunities arise allowing those who take advantage to make a more personal difference in someone’s life.

Just before Christmas, one of Jimmy Jack’s sons brought a challenging proposition to him. “He told me that he, along with a few of his friends knew a young man, we’ll call him ‘John’, who had attended their high school, was now serving his country and they wanted to do something nice for him.”

The proposition seemed at first a bit overwhelming. The nice thing the friends wanted to do for ‘John’ was to get him his own vehicle. It turns out that ‘John’ had never owned a car. All the way through high school and even into his first year of college, he had either ridden a bicycle or relied on friends or other parents for his transportation.

After high school, ‘John’ joined the Army National Guard to finance his college education. While he was away at training camp, studying for his helicopter mechanic designation, the plan to provide him with his own set of wheels was in full swing.

Welcome Home and Jimmy Jack joined a handful of caring parents and friends (with a limited budget) and found a previously owned Ford Explorer that would perfectly fit their need. The project was underway. The Explorer was serviced, repairs were completed, new stereo equipment installed, new seat covers, the carpets shampooed. A complete restoration of the 4X4. They even gift wrapped an Army license plate.

‘John’ had planned a surprise homecoming for the holiday’s, but the surprise would be for him. On Christmas Eve, ‘John’ was presented with his newly refurbished Explorer. The sincere thanks he felt could not be put into words, but ‘John’ tried. Welcome Home is pretty sure ‘John’ will remember his first car.

The coming together to make a difference in the life of ‘John’ , is but one example of the projects the team at Welcome Home is involved in. Welcome Home also serves on the First Downs for Down Syndrome board. And over 10 years ago, Welcome Home founded the Sock It To Me & Gloves for Love initiatives. Through these organizations, Welcome Home and their partner realtors and builders have collected and donated countless socks, hats and gloves to the City Union Mission, Della C Lambe, Safehome, Crosslines and homeless shelters.

In addition, Welcome Home was able to donate all the furniture and belongings from one of their resale listings to families in the area that had lost their own homes and belongings.

Jimmy Jack Clayton says that he is extremely proud of his agents and partner builders for their annual contribution to helping others. There is no doubt that countless individuals and families who have benefited from Jimmy’s tireless giving who are not only proud of him, but want to thank him for giving back.

Welcome Home is now offering specialized real estate services for those in the military, active or veterans. For more information call 913-384-6106 or visit www.WelcomeKC.com.

Welcome Home...Giving Back is a Way of Life
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