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Face-to-Face Relationships Keep Builders Loyal to Suppliers

by John Caulfield

This article appears in Builder Magazine online...

A new survey also finds that builders are looking at “total cost” when choosing products.

A knowledgeable local sales rep who is empowered to answer questions and resolve problems quickly continues to be a critical element in why builders choose one manufacturer’s product over another, or switch products and brands.

That’s one of the key findings in a survey of 70 builders that explores what they look for and expect from suppliers. The presentation of the survey’s results was conducted by The Shinn Group's Builder Partnerships and Wizard Strategy, a marketing firm that works with myriad suppliers. As they were being presented, the findings were buttressed during a webinar on Thursday by five builders of different sizes and geographies, who shared their observations about the findings as well as some of the issues they deal with regularly with their product suppliers.

As expected, the greatest number of builders—35% of those polled—valued price first in their relationships with suppliers, followed by:


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John Caulfield is senior editor for Builder magazine.