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At Forest Hills, southern Johnson County’s newest community, homeowners enjoy resort-style amenities, serious value, quality construction and affordable prices. These key elements alone, should be enough to guarantee a successful new home community, but they are only a portion of developer/builder Ken Rogler’s formula. Ken, along with his brother, Phil Rogler and Rob Lacy, who are involved in the managing and marketing of the community, have utilized a unique 3-Step program that allows Forest Hills to flourish during recent uncertainty in the housing market.

“Our success during what we consider to be a ‘Challenging’ time for our industry, can be attributed to a number of factors,” explains Phil. “But I believe there are three vitally important components that have allowed us to maintain consistency and continuity that are unique to Forest Hills.”

1. The Roglers have not overreached. Their unique, “one street at a time” approach to developing Forest Hills, allows them to remain financially strong, ensuring their longevity which is a definite advantage for their homeowners. The Roglers started the community—and they will be there to finish it. This method keeps the neighborhoods tight and clean with no overgrown empty lots. They have maintained stability and respect for the beautiful natural surroundings at every step.

2. The amenity package was developed from the beginning. Forest Hills residents have enjoyed an impressive collection of resort-style amenities right from the start. There is a community clubhouse available for year-round use & oversized pool with slide, zero entry and water spray park. Children love the commercial grade playground equipment and there is also an outdoor patio and grill. The City of Olathe is also planning a hike/bike trail that will run parallel to Coffee Creek, leading to Heritage Park and ultimately connecting to the city and county trail systems. The community’s unsurpassed common area has become the popular gathering spot for residents.

3. The developer has instilled an incredibly strong sense of pride among the residents. Homeowners have a credible voice in all matters involving their community. Although residents won’t take control of the HOA from the developer for another five years, by having a say in what happens now, they feel pride in ownership in not only their home, but their community. In fact, the developer gave the homeowners a “megaphone”, a loud voice to be heard by setting up what Phil Rogler calls "I-Neighbors". “I-Neighbors” is a blog, the neighbors can utilize to share concerns, increase their sense of security and generally stay in touch with each other. Many times the blog is used to get everyone together at the community center to visit about what needs to be done and many times, they'll even invite the developer.

These three ingredients have been essential to the impressive growth at Forest Hills during this ‘Challenging’ market. In addition, you can feel the sense of community when you drive through the streets. Word of the community’s success is spreading from the glowing testimonials of its residents. Homeowners are quick to tell other people & friends how much they love their neighborhood. The momentum is and has been snowballing in the right direction.

When potential home buyers visit the community’s the sales center, Phil and Rob always suggests that they, "go knock on any door and ask the homeowner what they think about the developer/builder and their home and their community.”

Forest Hills is located at 167th & Mur-Len in southern Olathe. Home prices range from the $200,000’s to the $300,000’s. For more information, call 913-592-2226 or visit

3 Steps to Success in a Challenging Housing Market
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Forest Hills residents not only enjoy a strong sense of community, but an impressive array of Resort-Style amenities.