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This special session included attendees from Ft. Collins, CO, Tulsa, OK and Kansas City area concrete specialists.

On Friday & Saturday, August 24th & 25th, 2012, Local Business Owner, John Hutchins of SealMasters, hosted a training session at an Olathe, KS home where new equipment and techniques were introduced for improved concrete preparation for the installation of high-end epoxy floors.

SealMasters Holds Concrete Floor Preparation and Epoxy Coating Installation Training Session in Olathe.
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The garage floor was typical for the area and was in average condition with minimal damage. The floor had minor cracks that had to be repaired and a light acrylic coating that had to be removed.

A key element of the training involved choosing the proper diamond infused grinding wheels for the specific project. New spring-loaded units and stationary grinding options were introduced as were techniques in the optimum utilization of the equipment.

The longevity of the epoxy floor begins with adequate surface preparation. Individuals installing epoxy floor kits, cannot match the precision of these grinding techniques.

Once the floor has been properly repaired and prepared, the chosen color of epoxy base coat is applied.
While the base coat of epoxy is still tacky, the vinyl chips are evenly applied.
The chips are allowed to set-up overnight. The next day, all loose chips are recaptured and removed from the floor. After a number of cleanings, light scraping and vacuuming, the clear epoxy finish coat is carefully applied. Within a few hours, the floor can be walked on and approximately six hours after being applied, the surface coat can be driven on.
The final results are not only beautiful...they truly are AMAZING!

Whether you are a homeowner or a new home builder, find out how one of these beautiful floors will not only enhance the appearance of your garage floor, basement, patio, porch or any concrete surface, but increase the value of your home, contact SealMasters at 913-390-0600

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