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As a homeowner, it's obvious that Mother Nature despises your home. She seems particularly obsessed with destroying the items that you enjoy and use the most: your decks, patios and yes, even your driveways, porches and sidewalks.

Persistently, damaging rays from the sun fade, dry out and splinter everything in sight. She warps, rots, causes mold, mildew and algae growth with an abundance of moisture, sends legions of insatiable insect commandos on a mission to destroy. And every now and then, she throws sub-zero temperatures at you (nothing keeps things more interesting than expanding and contracting wood and concrete around the house.

It may seem as if Mother Nature is targeting you and you alone. She isn’t. Every homeowner is affected (afflicted) and must endure and defend against the arduous challenges Mother Nature regularly doles out. She is unquestionably, the #1 enemy in the struggle to preserve and maintain your most valuable investment—your home. Indeed, she is a most formidable foe. However, you now have a forceful, effective ally in your battle to minimize her damaging effects.

John Hutchins of SealMasters, has a secret weapon and retaliation strategy for combating the enemy’s destructive forces that is not only effective—it’s guaranteed to work for 25-years! His weaponry? Seal Rx®. Seal Rx® is a unique combination of proven catalysts, new technology polymers and micro-particle technology that provides a penetrating seal that permanently protects wood and concrete. In addition to its unmatched strength and durability, Seal Rx® is EPA approved and environmentally friendly.

Seal Rx® wood sealant is activated by the chemical composition of the wood to create a permanent bond within the wood. It penetrates the wood, bonding directly with it to become a part of the wood structure. Wood surfaces treated with Seal Rx® will allow stain and/or paint to last up to 300% longer than on wood that hasn’t been sealed with Seal Rx®.

As the exclusive Seal Rx® dealer in the Kansas City Metro area, Hutchins is helping homeowners significantly reduce the damaging effects brought on Not only does he have the most effective weapon available, he knows how to use it.

John Hutchins’ company, SealMasters is locally owned and operated. Instead of subcontracting his work out to unqualified workers, Hutchins has his own permanent staff of well-trained employees.

“Having my own staff allows me to monitor procedures and guarantee quality workmanship,” Hutchins says. “Every employee fully understands the importance of doing the job right. At SealMasters, we know a maintenance-free home is not possible, but we can help reduce the time required maintaining your home.”

Renewing a deck or porch that has failed or peeling old stain, paint or sealer, involves more than simply washing it off and spraying on the sealer. SealMasters utilizes a seven-step process to ensure the success and longevity of each restoration project:

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Preserving The Homeowners’ Investment For Years To Come

Restoration and preservation is the priority

before deck
after deck

1. Protect (cover) all surrounding landscaping, etc.
2. Thoroughly clean (strip) the wood.
3. Completely rinse all surfaces.
4. Seal with Seal Rx® (2-coats).
5. Neutralize & brighten cleaned surfaces.
6. Completely clean-up the work site.
7. Within 10-14 days after sealant is applied, completely sand all surfaces.
Step #7 is an exclusive service of SealMasters.

“Once the Seal Rx® has cured, we go back and smooth out any raised grain, rough edges or fuzz,” Hutchins explained. “ No other company we know of takes that extra step and sands the surfaces to ensure the customer receives the best possible results.”

Seal Rx® also has a concrete sealant formula that provides a dynamic, “living” seal that, like the wood sealant, re-activates every time it comes into contact with water. This concrete sealant provides permanent protection against water related damage such as pitting, cracking, chalking and seepage. And, a single application permanently protects against spills that can cause stains or odors—even pet odors.

Considering the cost of concrete tear-out and replacement (at last check it was around $8.00 per sq. ft.and climbing), sealing your concrete and preventing the deterioration while increasing its strength by up to 30% for around $1.00 per sq. ft. (depending on the amount of cleaning necessary), is a prudent, sensible alternative.

“The search for a maintenance-free home has driven many homeowners to invest in inferior products with outlandish claims, only to be disappointed with the results,” said Hutchins. “Unlike other sealing products on the market that eventually breakdown or flush-out after repeated exposure, Seal Rx® reactivates every time it is touched by water, resealing and bonding itself to create an internal seal against water, salt, and damaging chemicals.”

Eliminating or reducing exterior maintenance is a dream come true for any homeowner. SealMasters can provide more time to enjoy your home, rather than constantly working on it.

For more information regarding Seal Rx®, contact John Hutchins of SealMasters at 913-390-0600 or visit