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For new homebuyers as well as current homeowners, there is no recycled glass product more intriguing than this remarkably versatile and beautiful product named TRAVINA®.

The TRAVINA® surface is made entirely of recycled glass mixed with a special top quality bio-resin for strength and durability. This patent-pending process produces a wide range of residential uses including kitchen countertops, vanity tops, window sills, tile, fireplace surrounds and more.

Jeff Huffman of Master Marble, Inc., a local company headquartered in Holden, MO, has been working for more than a year to perfect the process. Huffman is excited about the versatility his product brings to homeowners, designers and builders alike. Every creation is unique, allowing for virtually any pattern or blend choice including random veining, varying particle sizes and whatever color the consumer desires. The process also allows for the matching of custom colors and/or shades.

“With TRAVINA®, we can create a virtually endless array of unique products with colors and designs customized to the customer’s specifications,” Huffman explains. “We can use glass as filler behind gel-coat to replicate products that are currently made with cultured marble and granite fillers. With recycled glass, we are creating gorgeous solid surfaces with a uniform appearance that will provide unmatched beauty, durability and renewability for years and years to come at an affordable price.”

Most natural stone or manufactured material choices generally involve fabricating products for each application by cutting from large slabs. This process creates substantial waste that is added to our landfills, while creating unneeded and unwanted additional hidden costs. But all TRAVINA® kitchen and bath countertops are custom molded to fit any application need, eliminating waste and respecting the environment.

Recycled Glass composites used in TRAVINA® products match up to, and in some instances surpass, real stone and other engineer products in beauty, strength, heat resistance, scratch resistance, durability and the overall ease of care and maintenance. And unlike other product choices, if you do manage to damage a TRAVINA® product, it can be repaired to look as if it never happened.

The versatility of TRAVINA® products allows countertops to mimic granite or marble, without requiring the constant sealing that natural stone products do. And TRAVINA® uses its own protection system which incorporates anti-microbial properties. Testing proves that the anti-microbial protection system falls in the 99% effective range.

Where does the glass come from? From you and other environmentally conscious people. The materials have been composed largely of glass that has been collected through community recycling bins. However, other sources, including the Ripple Glass Company,, are currently investigating the possiblility of partnering with Master Marble to help move the development of the product line further along.

TRAVINA® was designed to be a low cost alternative for kitchen counter tops. It is comparable in beauty to real stone, as durable as solid surface products, yet stays within an affordable price range for most budgets. Because there is no waste, there are no hidden charges—You Get What You Pay For.

Although TRAVINA® products have their roots in the KC area, a number of authorized manufacturers and certified regional suppliers who have completed the TRAVINA® process training have been established in other locations throughout the United States.

More information about TRAVINA® products is available at, Master Marble, Inc., and other reputable, local companies, including Weber Flooring/Joe’s Carpet Outlet, and Shamrock Cabinets,, or contact Jeff Huffman of Master Marble, Inc. at 816-850-4167.

TRAVINA® It Just Makes Sense.

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Recycling has become a way of life for most everyone. We recycle pretty much anything, whether produced by man or by Mother Nature. Our society has truly adopted a “Green” conscience and has aim on a totally “Green” lifestyle. We turn old used paper into a myriad of new paper products, old plastics into countless new plastic products and old glass into many new, useful glass products from bottles to, well—TRAVINA®.
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TRAVINA It just makes sense

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If it can be molded or fabricated, it can be made with Recycled Glass
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